Software Engineer - Fullstack (Fintech)

Jakarta·DKI Jakarta·IndonesiaProduct

Job Detail

Job Type
:  Full Time
Job Industry
:  Financial Services
Job Function
:  Information Technology
:  Senior Staff/ Supervisor / Coordinator / Team Leader
:  Bachelor Degree - S1
  • Design and build highly performant product end-to-end with latest tech stack

  • Designing features, systems, infrastructure, deployment pipelines and build scripts as and

    when needed

  • Optimize for vast majority of current and future features to squeeze best-in-class

    performance from your code and infrastructure

  • Collaborate with cross-functional teams to define, design, and ship new features

  • Own and deliver high quality features with design understanding and future modularity

  • Deliver quick working prototypes of new features, changes in a fast moving development


  • Have an opinion about code quality, create/maintain high standards which team can easily


  • Own and ensure maintainability of codebase, modules and systems

  • Must have shipped production code with nodejs/typescript or golang or python in recent times. Prior experience with ReactJS/Angular/VueJS.

  • Must know and "understand" WHYs and WHATs of technologies you have used in last few years

  • Professional experience with other languages and systems are good to have

  • Understanding of network connections, Rest API’s, system design and infrastructure pieces

  • Experience with cloud deployments (AWS/GCP/Azure) is a must

  • Understanding of Queueing/Message broking systems (e.g. Kafka, RabbitMQ, ZeroMQ, SQS

    etc), caching layers (e.g. Redis), SQL or NoSQL databases (Postgres, Mongo or any other)

  • Understanding and experience with optimizing code performance and system bottlenecks

  • Experience with system design and design patterns are good

  • Willingness to learn new technologies, skill up and challenge status-quo

  • Solution oriented mindset

  • Good communication skills, good writing skills and even better coding skills obviously

  • 2+ years of relevant work experience

Skills Requirements
CodingSystem DesignDesign PatternsRedisSQLNoSQLDatabaseKafkaRabbitMQZeroMQSQSAWSGCPAzureRest API'sNodeJSTypescriptGolangPythonReactJSAngularVueJSMonggoPostgres
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